Behavior Management Project Essay

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The subject of this discipline plan is a 7 year old, first grade girl who attends Riverhall Elementary. Over the course of this teacher candidate’s observation the student displayed many disruptive behaviors and at times became defiant when the behaviors were addressed. It is not this teacher candidate’s opinion that the student has a specific disorder such as ADD or ADHD that contribute to her behavior. When she wants to be the student is very bright and capable of doing her work well. This teacher candidate feels that it is the student’s home life that contributes to the undesirable behavior. The student lives with and is being raised by her grandmother, from this teacher candidates understanding the student’s father is not in the…show more content…
Many studies have identified teacher interaction with students is connected to student seating location. Those students seated at the front of the room and down its center (the “action zone”) are more likely to receive attention from the teacher (Evertson, Emmer, & Worsham, 2003). The main focus of concern when developing this behavior plan is the defiant behaviors displayed when negative behaviors are addressed. For example, during one observation while the students were working on a math lesson the student refused to take out her workbook and argued that she had already done the page the class was working on. The teacher responded assertively by going to her desk, and asking her to take out the workbook. The student refused so the teacher pulled the book out for her and opened it up the page they were to be working on, walked away and proceeded with her lesson. The student began complaining that the teacher picks on her, doesn’t like her, and is always mean to her. This teacher candidate responded by saying she wasn’t picking on you and it is not being mean to expect you to do your work. The student continued to refuse to participate; rather she tipped back in her chair and made tares in the workbook paper. When she did finally decide to make the appearance of doing something, her work was sloppy and no thought was put into what
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