Behavior Modification : An Organization Of Health And The New Zealand Heart Foundation

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Behaviour Modification Assignment

Behaviour being studied and why this behaviour has been chosen:
Behaviour can be defined as the actions taken by an individual to adapt to the surrounding environment (Campbell, Cumming, Gerrig, Wilkes, & Zimbardo, 2012). Sometimes behaviour is unfavorable and therefore can be changed using behaviour modification. Weiten (2013) defines behaviour modification as the changing of behaviour by systematically applying principles of conditioning.

The target behaviour I have chosen to modify is daily fruit and vegetable intake, as this is an overt behaviour and not a personal trait. Daily fruit and vegetable intake can be considered as the number of fruit and vegetable servings consumed per day. As the sizes and forms of fruit and vegetables vary considerably, I have decided to base my serving size on recommendations by 5+ A Day Charitable Trust, which is endorsed by both the Ministry of Health and the New Zealand Heart Foundation. They measure one serving size as a handful i.e. what can fit in the palm in of one’s hand (5+ A Day Charitable Trust, 2013). I have decided to use this measurement because the size of my palm does not vary and can be used in any situation, regardless of location or time. Additionally, all forms of fruits and vegetables will be included, for example fresh, frozen, canned, and dried, as recommended by the Ministry of Health’s Food and Nutrition Guidelines (Ministry of Health, 2003a). My intake will be recorded each
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