Behavior Modification Is The Field Of Psychology

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Behavior modification is the field of psychology that deals with analyzing and modifying behavior, it does this by identifying the relationships between environmental variables and the behavior of interest to determine why the behavior is used; the analyst then uses that information to develop a strategy of change by developing and implementing procedures that alter environmental events to influence behavior (Miltenberger, 2015). There are a wide variety of applications of Applied Behavior Analysis that can be used in a variety of unique situations, and are tailored specifically for the unique individual.
I received a referral from a pediatric psychologist concerning a six-year old female named Emily. Emily has recently started first grade and has displayed a significant aversion to going to school. Her parents have related to me that initially she was only reluctant to go, but the reluctance has increased in intensity to severe tantrums now that include banging her head upon the floor. Her parents were told by her teacher that she was well-behaved at school, and had age appropriate academic skills. When questioned, Emily stated that she did not want to return to school because it is not fun anymore, and subsequently her parents have kept her out of school while they attempt to figure out a solution. Of note, is simultaneously with the onset of the tantrum behavior, Emily quit sleeping in her own bed. This behavior increased as well in intensity and frequency until now the…
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