Behavior Observations : Ms. Kristie Anthony

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Behavior observations: ms. Kristie Anthony was a 44-year-old married Caucasian female who presented for interview and testing in a timely manner. She reported to be 5 '6" tall weighing 310 pounds. She presented herself as one who tends to minimize greatly. This was heavily challenged with her during this interview. Testing yielded very little emotional or psychological distress except in a couple of areas. Mrs. Anthony was oriented and alert with bright mood and congruent affect. There were no gross indicators of anxiety, depression, hallucinations, delusions or thought disorder. Her speech was clear logical and goal directed. Mrs. Anthony presented as one who has good awareness and motivation to make positive changes in her life forWeight management. Personal history Mrs. Anthony is the youngest of three children born to her biological parents. She was raised in a rural area at the poverty level. (In her bariatric paperwork she indicated middle income level). She described her family relationships as supportive and verbally stated she had "a good childhood." She described herself as happy and outgoing in childhood and active happy outgoing and content in her adolescence. In school she generally received average grades and had good relationships with peers and teachers. In high school she was involved in choir, academic clubs and rodeo. She completed an associates degree in science and is currently working full-time as a manager in a community health center. She reportedly
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