Behavior Recording

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Dorian Stoudemire
EDUC 527
American Military University
23 July 2017

Behavior Recording
1. What is the maladaptive behavior? Mental Dysfunction
2. What is the replacement behavior? (This may be hard... think about what behavior we want the child to be engaging in... define it in just a few words) A replacement behavior refers to the alternative individual’s conduct that enables students to achieve a similar level of outcomes as the undesired conduct they use at the present. For instance, when a student working of math assignment fails to complete and sleeps on the desk. The educator’s response is to sit with the understudy, endeavoring to de-raise and work one-on-one with the understudy to finish her task. Taking a gander at this circumstance, we can
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In this scenario, find an example of ABC data collection even though it isn't called that in the story. An ABC Chart is an immediate perception apparatus that can be utilized to gather data about the occasions that are happening inside an understudy's situation. For instance, an understudy who is drawing pictures as opposed to taking a shot at his class task may respond by reviling or tossing his pencil when his educator instructs him to complete the errand (In Kats & IGI Global, 2017). The educator may find verbal solicitations to work and different requests are forerunners that trigger issue conduct.
7. Write a behavior objective for the maladaptive behavior. For instance, if the youngster fits to abstain from doing work, you can show them to ask for a break. On the off chance that they have a fit of rage at work time it is imperative to make them do a portion of the assignment.
8. Write a behavior objective for the replacement behavior. A behavior objective for the replacement behavior is when a person does many things whether wrong or right. This a situation whereby one partakes to do things after being denied the opportunity to do so in an initial
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