Behavior Therapy Is A Psychological Approach

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Behavior therapy is a psychological approach focusing on observable behavior determined by the environment and the history of interactions between the individual and his environment. For example, learning is described as a “modification of the observable behavior, due to the change in the force with which is associated a response to external stimuli (outer environment) or internal stimuli (internal environment) to the body.” (Corey 2013 p.250)

My understand of Behavior therapy is a type of psychotherapy that concentrations on shifting unwelcome behaviors. It contains recognizing, maladaptive behavior objectionable and substituting them with better kinds of behavior. Behavior therapy has been used to treat a wide range of mental
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Individual’s take charge of their lives rather than being the victims of situations beyond their control. The reality therapist functions as a teacher, a mentor, and a model, confronting clients in ways that help them evaluate what they are doing and whether their behavior is fulfilling their basic needs without harming themselves or others. The heart of reality therapy is learning how to make better and more effective choices and gain more effective control. People take charge of their lives rather than being the victims of circumstances beyond their control. ”Reality therapy focuses on what clients are able and willing to do in the present to change their behavior.” (Corey 2013p.335 )

However all these theories have a shared interests and that is for the client to get better.
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