Behavior Therapy Is A Treatment That Can Help Change Self Destructing Behaviors

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Behavior Therapy is basically a treatment that can help change self-destructing behaviors. I believe that these treatment strategies can be applied to the classroom setting. I believe this because if the teacher is willing to reinforce the strategies in the actual classroom, then there shouldn’t be any problems with the child’s behavior. If the teachers know what triggers the individual 's’ anxiety, then they are better equipped to use one of the three strategies listed below. If the teachers can become familiar with the strategies listed below, I feel that they will have a better idea of what they can try to do in their classroom when a student shows signs of self-destructing behavior or problems with anxiety. There are three different strategies that can be used for behavior therapy. These are: Systematic Desensitization, Modeling, and Biofeedback. Systematic Desensitization is one type of Behavior Therapy. Joseph Wolpe first developed this as a form of classical conditioning that is used to reduce anxiety disorders, treat fears, and phobias. It is also used to help a person relax more without worrying about their fear. Some fears or phobias that are treated by Systematic Desensitization are fear of public speaking, fear of flying, stage fright, elevator phobias, driving phobias, and animal phobias(Mind Disorders-Systematic Desensitization). The purpose of this strategy is to help someone that might have phobias and other fears. This strategy has three basic

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