Behavior and Classroom Reward System

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Classroom reward systems provide teachers and students with guidelines to follow when dealing with behaviour. Every school has some form of behaviour management in place to deal with both good and bad behaviours and children with special needs who often need structure, planning and daily goals. Integrating technology into classroom reward systems, rewarding good behaviour, hard work or improvement, can have a positive impact on students, as Merrett, A., and Merrett, L. (2013) described, due to the materials being more stimulating and more interactive than other methods commonly used. Also digital rewards systems are easier for educators to edit and tailor to students or classrooms, individual needs, abilities and/or year group. Although digital technology is wide spread, that does not mean all people have access to technology or the internet. Use and access to technology can differ greatly from place to place and person to person, due to computers age, connection speed, internet access, cost, usage, geographic location, culture, religion and social economic status; this is called the digital divide. When sending homework home, such as research, computer work and assignments this can be a real issue for teachers. To minimise the effect of these issues, teachers must make allowances and determine whether information can be gathered by students from other sources, such as books, be provided to take home or create work base on classroom learning materials. Although technology
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