Behavior in the Movie "Grease" Essay

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The movie Grease is filled with examples of behavioral conditioning. The classic film is a good example of how all teenagers think and act. From the “cool kids” to the “outcasts,” we all fall into various roles and run wild as we play our parts. At the beginning of the film, on the characters first day of school, Kenickie speaks of how he has been working all summer. His reason for sacrificing his summer, which most kids would not do, is to purchase a new car. This is an example of Operant conditioning. He works hard because he is aware of the result, which is a car. The group of guys then rush off with enthusiasm to greet Danny. This display of affection is an example of Classical and Operant conditioning. The unconditioned stimulus…show more content…
This is an example of observational learning. The cliff-top probably even became a conditioned stimulus over time. Later, Danny decides to try his hand at sports. This is completely uncharacteristic of him. This is an example of Operant conditioning. He attempts to participate, and makes a fool of himself in the process, because he believes he will elicit the desired response of impressing Sandy. The same goes for Sandy and her style transformation at the end of the film. She completely changes her physical appearance, believing it will impress Danny. Even though her reasoning is Operant, she accomplishes her transformation through observational learning. If it were not for her friends, she would have had no clue of what to do to achieve her new desired look. During the scene at the drive-in, Danny gives Sandy his ring. The ring is a conditioned stimulus that has been paired with the unconditioned stimulus of the idea of being asked to officially be boyfriend and girlfriend. Sandy’s unconditioned turned conditioned reaction is that of momentary jubilation. This is another example of Classical conditioning. Danny then believes this opens the door for him to make a “move” on her. The “move” is an unconditioned stimulus. Sandy’s automatic unconditioned response is to throw his ring at him and tell him off. She took Danny’s action as a sign of disrespect. In watching Grease while keeping behavioral

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