Behavior of Gases and Absolute Zero Determination Essay

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Pre Lab Report Behavior of Gases and Absolute Zero Determination Lab 4 Summary of Concepts: Through this experiment we will be investigating the differences between the gas laws. We will investigate the relationships between pressure, volume, and temperature. By the end of the experiment we will have data to prove the gas laws. The Gas Laws we will be investigating are as follows: Boyle’s Law: PV=C Charles’ Law: V/T=C Gay-Lussac’s Law: P/T=C Avogadro’s Law V/n=C Ideal Gas law: PV=nRT Materials: Lab Quest Lab Quest App Vernier Gas Pressure Sensor Temperature Probe 20 mL Gas Syringe 125 mL Erlenmeyer Flask Three 600 mL Beakers Rubber Stopper assembly with two way…show more content…
b. Stop data collection when you have finished collecting data to view a graph of pressure vs. volume. Save data under file save. Print a copy of the data and a graph of pressure vs. volume. PART 2: 1. In this experiment, you will study the relationship between temperature of a gas sample and the pressure it exerts. Using the apparatus shown in Figure 2, you will place an Erlenmeyer flask containing an air sample in a water bath and you will vary the temperature of the water bath. Connect the Temperature Probe to Channel 2 of LabQuest. Choose New from the File menu. 2. Assemble the apparatus shown in Figure 2. Be sure all fittings are airtight. Make sure the rubber stopper and flask neck are dry, then twist and push hard on the rubber stopper to ensure a tight fit. 3. Set up water baths in large-volume containers as you need them, ranging from ice water to hot water. 4. Change the graph settings to display a graph of pressure vs. temperature. 5. 30 - 2 Advanced Chemistry with Vernier 6. Exploring the Properties of Gases a. Change the data-collection mode to Selected Events. Leave everything else the same and Select OK. b. Choose Change Units ► K (Kelvin temperature) from the Sensors menu. Tap Graph. c. In Part II it is best to see one graph of pressure vs. temperature. Choose Show Graph ►Graph 1 from the Graph menu. d. Tap the
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