Behavioral Case Study of Autumn S

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Case Study: Autumn S. Introduction Autumn S. is a twelve-year old girl who presented at a short-term residential facility after a violent assault on her adoptive mother. This was not her first violent episode. She has a long history of violence towards herself, most notably a history of hitting her head against the wall when she is upset. This behavior is serious and has led to her being treated in the Emergency Room for concussions. She has also assaulted a number of same-age peers and younger children. She and her older brother engaged in a group assault on one of their good friends, hitting him with backpacks full of books. She also attempted to drown her younger cousin after an altercation in a wading pool. It required two adults to pull her off of the younger child. This violence has resulted in various problems in Autumn's life. She has been in trouble in school because of violence towards classmates, and has been targeted by other children because of her violent behavior towards others. She has been in trouble in the home because of her violence. She has even been in trouble with the law, as her most recent violent attack against her adoptive mother was of sufficient severity that a neighbor intervened and called the police. Much of Autumn's history is speculative. She was removed from her biological mother's home at the age of 7 after more than 100 phone calls, placed by her and her older brother, reporting domestic violence by her mother's boyfriend against her
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