Behavioral Contracting At The Classroom

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Introduction: Behavioral contracting in the classroom can improve a students success in school; with the behavioral contract students are not punished for their bad behavior, but are rewarded for the good behavior. The contract lays out the expected behavior, the behavior that the child should not do, the reward for improving their behavior, and the consequences for failing to improve. This contract should be talked over with the student’s parents; having their support in the process is key. If they are not also implementing the contract then the plan could fall through. Steps and procedures: To begin behavioral contracting a teacher makes a referral, then parents visit the counselor’s office to discuss the plan for correcting the misbehavior. The first step to the plan is defining the behaviors. There is an acceptable behavior and the unacceptable behavior, and this step is crucial to the success of the contracting because pointing out the good behavior, the one the teacher and parents desire to see makes it to where the child has a clear understanding of what is expected of them. A major point to remember during this is positivity, children are more likely to do what is expected (the positive) than to refrain from doing what they are not supposed to do (the negative). Avoid defining the unaccepted behavior as “do nots” and “should nots” this can result in the child thinking they have no options, “If I cannot do this, then what can I do?” (That thought can promote them
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