Behavioral Genetics : How Does Genes Influence Brains Behavior

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Behavioral Genetics: How does Genes Influence Ones Behavior
Many believe that the environment such as the individuals people associate with, the extracurricular activities people are involved in, the music people listen to, including things shown on tv and video games all influence behavior. Though all of the things listed above are said to be true, and do indeed play a role in behavior. There are major things inside the body that trigger peoples behavioral responses. Those major things are called genes.
This paper will include a breakdown of genetics and behavior alone, including the definitions of each to allow a better understanding of the joint term “behavioral genetics”. Some very important biological and chemical concepts about the body that will help to understand where genes come from will be introduced. As well as a brief example of how the environment and genes come together to influence what we do. The type of genes that influence behavior, along with the influence behavioral genetics has on the brain will also be discussed.
What are genetics?
Genetics is the study of heredity, which is a biological process where certain traits are getting passed from parent to offspring or child (“What is Genetics”). All of our genetic DNA lies within the nucleus of all living cells in a persons body. The DNA found in the cells make the human genome. “There are about 20,000 genes located in one of the twenty three chromosomes found inside the nucleus (“What is
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