Behavioral Matrix And Classroom Behavior

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Part 1: Behavioral Matrix
A behavioral matrix creates the expectations for student behavior in the classroom and school campus. A school wide behavioral matrix lists the school wide expectations for various times, location and transitions. Classroom teacher specific to that classroom creates a classroom behavioral matrix. Both school wide behavioral matrix and classroom matrix should contain the rules that are listed in the school wide expectations. These rules and expectations are displayed as a matrix, which is posted in classrooms, gym, cafeteria, hallway, and bus. According to Knoff (2007), behavioral matrix sets the behavioral expectations expectation within specific settings and contexts for students and hold them accountable. Table 1 reflects dangerous behavioral problems categorized in the Level IV as explained in the 2015-16 Fort Wayne Community Schools Code of Conduct. Part 3 integrates all the results of fourth grade teachers who were asked to choose student behaviors and corrective action from the given list by the intensity levels. As a result, table 3 can be used as a behavioral matrix among the fourth grade teachers to replace negative behaviors with positive behaviors.
Part 2: Worksheet 1D-Intensity IV Behaviors
Worksheet 1D: Fort Wayne Community Schools Level 4 Behaviors
Grade Level: 3-12
District-Identified Level 4 Behaviors
• Arson
• Causing Major Damage, Vandalizing School Property or the Property of Others That May Cause Potential Disruption to the
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