Behavioral Science And Community Health

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For Department of Behavioral Science and Community Health

Around 6 years of age, I was outside playing with other children when I noticed a group of people building something in an area. Everyone gathered around to observe them and saw water coming out of a pump. There were a few stories about drinking unsafe water or eating contaminated foods which led to gastrointestinal diseases, but very little effort was made to prevent this. While in my undergraduate years studying to become a physician, I noticed how doctors were trained in interventional medicine, but not many practiced preventive medicine. I decided that I wanted to enact positive impact by assessing and analyzing data to understand public health problems, developing programs to address the issues and designing methods to measure the efficiency of health interventions in order to improve population health. By the end of my sophomore year, I started pursuing a degree in public health.

At X University, I took two courses--Community Health Promotion and Epidemiology--that captured my interest in Behavioral & Community Health Sciences. As I listened to experts speak intensively about effective communication with vulnerable population and ways to modify incidence, prevalence and mortality rates within the communities, I saw the possibilities of improving the quality of lives for many. My professors carried such genuine interest in educating us on various public health issues that by the end of the course, I was sure…
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