Behavioral Science Article Review

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Article review In behavioral science, there has been a long time interest in the method biases. This article in concerned with the influence that the biases have in the research results in the field of behavioral science. The paper also looks at the aspects that cause the occurrence of the biases. The paper also expounds on the human cognitive process that allows the human behavior and response to measures in the research to be influenced by the biases. The article also evaluates the various statistical techniques and procedural techniques that can be employed towards controlling the biases that may exist in such human behavioral science research. At the end of the paper, there are various recommendations that are given in connection to selection of the best procedures in such researches as well as the statistical remedies that can be employed depending on the setting of the research being conducted. Method biases are pointed out to be one of the reasons behind the measurement errors. These measurement errors therefore contribute to weakening of the validity of conclusions particularly the conclusions on the relationships between measures that are used in the research. These measurement errors are here grouped into random and systematic components. The common method biases are indicated to be emanating mainly from having a common rater, using a common measurement context, employing a common item context or even emanate from characteristics of the characteristics of
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