Behavioral Signs Of Child Abuse

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Child abuse is a significant and serious matter when dealing with a child who is being abuse; child abuse can happen at any age. When a person causes physical or emotional harm to a child at any age, it is defined as child abuse. The age group for infants and toddlers has a higher risk for abuse than school age children. Toddlers have a small vocabulary and often can not verbalize the situation, therefore, makes them more helpless. Warning signs: That a toddler may be being abused BEHAVIORAL SIGNS 1. An abused child may exhibit a sudden fear of a particular location, gender, or physical appearance. During this time of the abuse, they may cry when being dropped off at places they have been going to regularly. Also start to show signs of fear when left alone or separated from a parent especially when in the presence of the abuser. 2. Sexual abuse victims may be fearful of getting undressed for bath time or oddly uncomfortable when examined at a doctor 's visits. Showing signs of regression like bed-wetting; thumb sucking; and a decrease in verbal skills is also a warning sign. 3. Toddlers may have frequent nightmares that interruptions in their sleep pattern also due to being frightened. 4. Abused toddlers show more interest in sexuality, acting out in inappropriate sexual behaviors. Also, they may not engage in normal, interactive play with their peers and may start EMOTIONAL SIGNS 1. Sudden, extreme personality changes, less talkative or stop communicating almost
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