Behavioral Therapy : A Man Named Mr. C

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Behavioral Therapy Case Study
My group’s chosen case study focused on a man named Mr. C. Mr. C was suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder, anxiety and mood disorders, depression, anxiety, marital conflict and fetishism. He had attended psychotherapy for six years to treat his various symptoms, however none of the treatments helped him to overcome his fetishism. Mr. C’s fetishistic thoughts began after he was sexually assaulted during his childhood and adolescent years, but he didn’t begin to act on these thoughts until he went to war later in life. His particular fetish focused on women’s feet and shoes, and accelerated to the point where he could not be sexually satisfied unless women partook in an activity called “stomach trampling” in which they stepped on his stomach while he masturbated. Mr. C’s preoccupation and obsession with women’s feet and shoes interfered with his daily functioning causing him to isolate himself in his home so he could spend hours looking up women’s feet on the internet. He couldn’t control his impulses, lacked the ability to concentrate, and engaged in high risk behaviors that involved paying homeless people and prostitutes to step on his stomach. His inability to be sexually satisfied without his fetish led to marital problems and dissatisfaction.
In order to treat his fetishism, Mr. C engaged in sensate focused therapy and values based behavioral activation therapy. These behavioral treatments were chosen because Mr. C lacked the

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