Behavioral Therapy : Skinner And Albert Bandura

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Behavior Therapy can be described as the study of observed behaviors with regards to what causes those behavior, changes which occur through learned experience, and treatment plans that are specified for the client. “Anxiety disorders, depression, posttrumatic stress disorders, substance abuse, eating and weight disorders, sexual problems, pain management, and hypertension have all been successfully treated using this approach” (Wilson,2011). Behavioral therapy is used with clients who may have mental disabilitie, mental illness, and developmental disabilities. Many theorist studied and applied their beliefs and assumptions towards the idea of Behavior Therapy, however theorist B.F. Skinner and Albert Bandura contributed two of the greatest theories. B.F Skinner based his beliefs on the correlation between the environment and behavior. “B.F. Skinner was interested in reinforcement which resulted in the concept of operant conditioning, which can be defined as the learned behavior through positive or negative consequences” (Wilson,2011). Some techniques of operant conditioning include positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive punishment, and negative punishment. Positive reinforcement can be described as producing a desired behavior and being rewarded with some type of incentive. Negative reinforcement is when a desired behavior is increased due to the result of removing an unwanted stimuli. Positive punishment is a consequence that is implemented in…

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