Behavioral Therapy : Sonia Sotomayor A Relaxation And Desensitization Technique

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Case Study #4 Behavioral Therapy: Sonia Sotomayor a Relaxation and Desensitization Technique Narrative In previous sessions, Sonia and the counselor have explored the manifestation of her anxiety in the form of her insomnia and her ritualistic rewriting of her old papers. The client has discussed with her counselor; her concerns with her anxiety levels not only with her presenting issues, but with her internal thought process about her insecurities over her capabilities. She has expressed that this feeling of being “less than” has plagued her since she was in college. She has always felt as if others did not accept her because she thought she did not speak or write English well. This pervasive thought process has subsisted throughout most of her adult life. Subsequently, the counselor has been working with Sonia to reduce her negative self-statements that generate her maladaptive emotions, while working on increasing self–statements that facilitate adaptive self-control. Although the client has improved over the weeks with her self-statements and her optimism, she is still not sleeping well and she remains tied to making her papers perfect. During previous sessions the counselor has helped the client conceptualize her problem with not sleeping and it has been discovered that it is due to her mind racing when she goes to bed. The client claims that when she lies down her palms start to sweat, she feels flushed, and in her mind, she shouts “I have to correct my papers,

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