Behavioral and Social/Cognitive Approaches to Forming Habits Paper

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Biological and Humanistic Approaches to Personality Paper
Traci Petteway
January 12, 2013
University of Phoenix

There are similarities and differences when analyzing the components of biological and humanistic approaches to personality. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs express important aspects of biological factors that approaches personality.
Abraham Maslow hierarchy of needs focused on a theory of human motivation, management training, and personal development. Maslow divided organismic needs into two categories of deficiency needs which are needs for survival. Maslow divided each category in to five levels. The fifth level is physiological needs that focus on the basic biological necessities such as air, food, water, sex,
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Depending on what morals and perspective you have set for your life you will find yourself facing a positive or either a negative outcome. One gene will affect a person’s characteristic responses as well. It plays a major role if a person has been exposed to activity, emotionality, sociability, and impulsivity. Activity means if a child has always been in vigorous motion while other children are more passive. Emotionality means easily aroused to anger or fear or some other kind emotion. Sociability means where some children enjoy other children company. Impulsivity means characterizes some children as aggression and cold rather than conscientious and friendly. Maslow’s theory of personality examine the relationship of biological factors by using assessment techniques, interviews, observations, self-reports, questionnaires, projective tests, and biological study. Personal Orientation inventory is a self-report questionnaire that asks people to classify themselves on a number of dimensions for various characteristics of self-actualization or mental health. Biological factors combine with other aspects of personality in complex ways can produce adult patterns of behavior. Behavior genomics are known for genes affecting behavior. Abraham Maslow believes in the pyramid of the five basic human needs to gather his theory of personality. Maslow’s believe you must satisfied survival needs first starting from physiological need to motivated and fill our higher level needs.
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