Behavioral vs Psychodynamic

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In any classroom there is a definite possibility of having a student who might not be a problem himself, but a student who can bring a problem to a classroom. The degree of that or any problem can range from barely intrusive to super massive. While there are solutions to every problem, one be better than the next. Here we will look at two different approaches in explaining the psychodynamic approach and the behavioral approach. Behavior theory is becoming more and more popular because of the emphasis this approach places on teaching self management skills to better control a persons life, all without continued therapy. A basic assumption of behavioral perspective is that all problematic behaviors, conditions and emotions have …show more content…
Our Ego- Defense mechanism protects us from threatening feelings of anxiety. Several ego defenses are manifested, repression, denial, regression, projection displacement and rationalization.
There must be a safe atmosphere and unconditional positive regard for a student in order to move forward through negative or unwanted behavior. To obtain an environment that is this safe in a classroom setting is no easy task. Students are often very hard on each other and the students ego might interfere. This is an implication for educators is to supply an accepting classroom environment so that students can work through his or her emotional conflicts. Psychodynamic theorists suggest that gaining insight into unconscious motivations will enable students to become better students and be productive in school settings. The time it takes to get students together and work through issues they may face is consuming and sometimes unproductive. The most important theme that psychodynamic theories has is talking to students.

If we were to address and explain the disruptive behavior of a student in the classroom through both the behavioral and psychodynamic approaches we would see distinct differences. If we were to define disruptive behavior as being tardy to class frequently then the behavioral model would begin by assessing the situation of tardiness.
Explain what being tardy is, why being tardy everyday to class is
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