Behaviorism And Classical Conditioning And Operant Conditioning Essay

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Behaviorism is one of many theories in the field of psychology. It can be applied in different learning scenarios for different research purposes. Biographical information will be provided about the founders of the theory who are John B. Watson and B. F. Skinner. However, the information will focus more on their early education and known achievements. Furthermore, you will find different theories regarding behaviorism such as classical conditioning and operant conditioning. In order to understand the difference and similarities between the two of them examples have been provided. To fully comprehend in what Behaviorism consists of, modern applications examples of the theory have been also included. These examples will consist of everyday learning experience such as, school environment and at home. Behaviorism is a complex theory, however, I am fascinated by the theory of behavior, especially how a behavior can be predicted after it has gone through conditioning. When we think about psychology, it is normally thought about the study of the brain, the conscious, and unconscious mind. However, there are many different divisions within the psychology field that focus on specific areas that introduce different theories. One of the divisions is the theory of Behaviorism, the theory was developed by John B. Watson and B.F Skinner, that implies that environment stimulus can effect someone’s behavior. This behavioral psychology focuses on how humans or animals’

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