Behaviorism And Its Effect On Behavior

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"Behaviorism began as a reaction against the introspective psychology that dominated the late 19th and early 20th centuries"(Behaviorism 2). There are numerous factors that contribute towards the behaviors of various different animals. Behaviorism is a general subject including the different aspects within it, number of animals with behavioral issues, how animals should be treated and what enforces their behavioral characteristics. To begin this essay about behaviorism, it 's beneficial to include some deep information within. This helps to understand the meaning of the study itself.
The purpose of the study of behaviorism is to educate the reader with a suitable repertoire of behavioral issues to apprehend thoroughly. "Animals do have minds and feelings, it 's impossible to know this internal world, so focusing on behavior is more productive"
(Behaviorism 1). The study of behaviorism is a field of observing the movements and reactions of animals towards particular environmental activity. "Behavior is that part of an organism by which it interacts with its environment"(Snowdon 8). This clearly gives clarification that the environment is mainly part of the identity of animals. After being able to comprehend the purpose of the study of behaviorism, it 's questionable to how many animals have behavioral issues.
It is a well known fact that animal behaviors are complicated and there are numerous divergent animals around the planet with many cases of issues. "Approximately 5
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