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Behaviorism to Teach Human Behaviors Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract The paper discusses the various problems encountered while employing the concept of behaviorism to teach human behaviors. The concept of free will and its relation with behaviorism is deliberated and their differences are highlighted. Determinism and Reductionism concepts are linked with each other and their differences and relationship with behaviorism and free will is examined. Skinner’s views of society and his perspective on learning theory and his ideas on behaviorism are mentioned. Behaviorism Resulting in Problems in Society Behaviorism is based on the idea that behavior is developed through conditioning. Behaviorists…show more content…
It can happen with strong coordination between conscious and unconscious mind and self-control. Determinism vs. Reductionism Determinism suggests that all behavior is predetermined and foreseeable because of former influences. The laws of determinism form the foundation for psychological science. Free will is the notion that we can choose how we act and assumes that we are unrestricted to choose our behavior. People can choose to commit a crime or not. This suggests that the person is free from the impact of former events and that person is accountable for their own deeds. Psychologists who support free will interpretation believe that determinism eliminates free will and self-respect and disregard human behavior. The uniqueness of human beings ability or freedom to choose their destiny is not valued in the deterministic approach. Reductionism deals with the idea that human behavior can be explained by simplifying it into smaller factors. Reductionists believe that to understand the behavior we have to study the easiest parts in our systems and determine how they work with the help of a simple explanation. Reductionist methods do not let us recognize why behaviors occur. They can explain how our fear centers in the brain create an anxiety reaction to help us in running away fast from a dog but they cannot explain our fear of the dog. Reductionism is closely associated with Behaviorism which assumes that all behavior can be concentrated on a simple action of response

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