Behaviorism Vs. Behaviorism Theory

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Behaviorism Approach to Life According to Ciccarelli and White (2010), behaviorism is the science of behavior that focuses on observable behavior only. An example of this is the environment a person is exposed to determines their behavior affecting their personality (McLeod, 2007). Furthermore, personality determines a person’s motivations and goals in life. With this said, this theory assist in better understanding interactions with people every day. For instance, all people have their own unique personalities, motivations, and goals. Through this perspective, knowing information about people can help interactions with others. In order to understand the behaviorism perspective approach to life, one must consider their own personality, their motivations and goals, how this theory helps understand others, others personalities, motivations, and goals, and lastly how knowing information about people can help interactions.
When we are born, our mind is known as tabula rasa, or a “blank slate” (McLeod, 2007). That being said, our behaviors are influenced by the environment we are exposed to creating the personality we have today (McLeod, 2007). An example of this is in fourth grade, I was fairly poor at reading. I, along with five other kids in my class, were pulled out of class during reading lessons and placed in a reading helpers room. The 5 other kids and I read the same books the other kids in our class read, but we had an incentive to help us read. Our…
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