Behaviorism or Black Box Psychology Essay

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The idea behind the behaviorist branch is that they believe that psychology is studied through observable behaviors. The behaviorists were the first to focus on more objective research as opposed to the subjective research like the previous leaders in psychology such as Titchener and Freud (Lilienfeld, Lynn, Namy, Woolf). Behaviorism or black box psychology opened the eyes of the psychology community by showing them that they should not just rely on the reports of others, but having data they could replicate and prove allowing them to have a stronger scientific footing (Lilienfeld, Lynn, Namy, Woolf). The major behaviorists are Watson and Skinner. Pavlov also had a major impact on this particular branch of psychology. I will discuss a…show more content…
He concluded that people that withdrew from certain things could associate those things with fear or injury causing them to withdraw every time the stimulus was presented to them (WGBH, 1998). Pavlov was very smart earning a Nobel Prize in physiology/medicine for his study on digestion and he became a big influence for the man that I will talk about next known as the father of behaviorism John B. Watson (WGBH, 1998). John B. Watson a behaviorist lived from (1878-1958). Watson grew up in a broken family where is father cheated and eventually left his mother (John B. Watson). Watson modeled his behavior by cheating on his first wife and eventually marrying on of his students (John B. Watson). Watson turned his life back around with the help of one of his teachers named Gordon Moore (John B. Watson). He became interested in the field of psychology as well as animal behavior at the University of Chicago and his career although short lived took off from there (John B. Watson). He is most known for his experiment called Little Albert. Watson theorized that children only have three emotions fear, rage, and love (John B. Watson). He believed that he could get the child to show each of these emotions through controlling their environment (John B. Watson). The theory that Watson was demonstrating was
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