Behind The Beautiful Forevers By Katherine Boo

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Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo is a documented version of life in a Mumbai slum. The “story” revolves around the life, death, and hope in the undercity of Annawadi. The book thrusts the reader into the hidden worlds behind the lavish living of the rich and into the lives of people that are impossible to forget. Originally published February 7th, 2012 by Random House in New York, Katherine Boo writes about the apparent economic inequality occurring in the Mumbai undercity. This telling of life in a slum provides a distinct look into the social and economic injustice that determines the way these people live their lives. The book highlights the struggle of those in Annawadi as well as the Indian people as a whole. Terror and the global recession shake the city and the rising tensions over religion, caste, gender, power, and jealousy take a violent turn. Behind the Beautiful Forevers is beautifully written and does a superb job of opening eyes to the brutal and unforgiving world of Annawadi.
Pulitzer Prize winner, Katherine Boo emphasizes the economic and social inequality occurring in Annawadi as well as the general mistreatment of humans in the slum. She touches the hearts of the readers with powerfully written narratives of some extraordinary people. For example, Boo writes about Abdul Husain, a young, enterprising Muslim teenage boy who scavenges throughout the city’s trash for anything that could be deemed valuable. There’s Asha, a witty and power hungry…
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