Behind The Sense And William Wells Brown

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Elizabeth Keckley, author of “Behind the Sense” and William Wells Brown, author of “Clotel & Other Writings” were both enslaved African Americans. Keckley was a woman that experienced cruel behavior under slavery, including beatings as well as the sexual assault of a white man and ultimately had a son with him names George. She was eventually given to her owners daughter and there she became a dressmaker and supported the entire household for over two years. She married James Keckley around 1852, only to discover afterward that he was not a free man. Before Keckley’s marriage to her husband she arranged to buy her and her sons freedom from her owners by enquiring money from compassionate costumers. She decided to leave her husband and move to Washington to set up a dressmaking shop. Keckley’s dress making shop was a success and she received clients of all sorts, from wives of influential politicians to whites that could afford her clothing. She eventually became the dresser as well as close friend of Mary Todd Lincoln. After the president was assassinated, she made several attempts to raise money for the former first lady and decided to publish her book. She wrote her book to impart raise money for her then friend but also bring insight to the life and hardship of slavery. Many, due to the personal information published of the former first lady, shamed the publishing of Keckley’s book. This not only led to the end of their friendship but also the end to her dressmaking…
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