Behind Women 's Prostitution : Prostitution

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Behind Women’s Prostitution Prostitution, as many of you may know is an exchange of sex for payment. It should be illegal everywhere in the world because of the extreme lifestyle women are forced to live and because of the increase in crime rates. There are three different types of prostitution. The first and most known- street prostitution, the second being escort prostitution and last but not least-sex-trafficking. Prostitution in general is often looked at as shameful in society, however for many women/ young females around the world, this decision was not made by them. What most people don’t know is that many of them have been forced or lured into prostitution by traffickers or pimps. For others, they depend on this exchange because…show more content…
These prostitutes are known to serve many men a night and like the other types of prostitution, they are controlled by pimps and if they disobey him, they can be beaten or punished another way. The prostitutes attract strangers and criminals, such as drug dealers to their neighborhoods, increasing the risk of burglaries, muggings, and other crimes. Prostitutes themselves are especially vulnerable to robberies and assault. Most prostitutes are also drug addicts, making it hard for them to leave prostitution and in some cases, the pimp is the one who introduces them to drugs, causing them to become addicted in order for them to manipulate the prostitute. Another way a pimp might manipulate someone into becoming a prostitute is by acting like a friend or boyfriend to her and shows her he cares about her, but soon she is unfortunately forced to work for him. On the other hand, some prostitutes may use drugs just to cope with their stress and everything that they have to go through. However, used needles are often found on streets along with used condoms, creating an even more unpleasant environment to live/ be in. Escort Prostitution Escort prostitution, also known as a “call girl” is a woman prostitute who arranges appointments by telephone or computer. She typically meets at a hotel, the client’s home, or even her house to protect themselves from
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