Behind a Convict's Eyes Opinion Paper

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In my experience of reading the text, Behind a Convicts Eyes, I have learned many things about prison life. It has in fact changed my perception of what I thought prison life was like. Prison is in fact a fight for survival, and the weaker inmates will be used and abused by the stronger population. To clarify what I mean, many of the weaker prisoners are sometimes expected to pay for protection from other inmates, or they join prison gangs to be safe. According to the text, it would appear that the inmates actually have more control over their existence than I would have thought that they do. When I use this term, I mean it in the sense that the inmates use the system to their advantage, or at
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The inmates as well as Anonymous referred to prison as being a career, which makes perfect sense because based upon your reputation would be the severity of your life or career in the prison system. For instance for those that have bad reputations especially those known as “snitches” they would be less likely to have people trust them, or want to associate with them. This type of reputation could even cause others to be violent towards them. Those that had earned a credible reputation would be able to ask for favors from other inmates.

In Voices from the Field, there were some similarities as well as differences. One of the main similarities was that there seemed to be an invisible racial dividing line among the inmates. In both texts, it discussed how the black inmates and whites primarily stuck with their own. The survival methods in both Voices from the Field and Behind a Convicts eyes were similar. The main focus was avoiding conflict but being able to get their needs met. The façade of strength and defensive measures existed in both texts.

The economy was also very similar in both texts, as to how the interaction with other inmates could be beneficial in acquiring their needs. They used the bartering system to obtain goods or services. The factor of reputation was extremely important in both of the texts, and this could at times be a problem because of

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