Behind the Fences: The History of Japanese Americans Essay

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Between the years of 1942- 1945, the lives of many Japanese Americans were changed. The attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese military made the United States concerned about national security. The US was also made wary of Japanese people living in America, even though they were legal citizens. This fear of the Japanese immigrants put into motion the document that would forever leave an impact on the unsuspecting Asian foreigners. The Japanese were often lead away from their homes, mistreated, and in the end they were released after years of imprisonment, but the effects of the tragedy were too great to ignore.
The order that would lead to the change in the lives of Japanese Americans was issued on February 19, 1942. It was signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and it was called the Executive order 9066. This document lead to “the assembly and evacuation and relocation of nearly 122,000 men, women, and children of Japanese on the west coast of the United States” ( The order simply stated that the Military Commander may force people to move, or exclude them if he feels it is necessary.
The Japanese Americans were, in fact citizens of the United States, but that did not stop the US military forces from taking them away from their homes. The US took them away from everything they had ever known, and forced them to move into relocation camps. The process of relocating was long and hard. It put a large amount of stress and worry on the Japanese, who were…