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MGMT 182-01 Case Study: Bei Capelli (A) Instructor: D’Arcy McKittrick Marks: 48 Value: 10% Short Cycle Process Marks Available Marks Earned Who is the decision-maker in the case (you are supposed to identify with) and what position, title and responsibilities do they hold? 4 Bertolo is the decision maker Bertolo is a project manager/Project leader. Bertolo and her team want to take Bei capeli to a new level with increasing financial side and better customer satisfaction. What appears to be their issue(s) – concern(s), problem(s), challenge(s), or opportunity(s) – and its significance for the project team and Kristoffer Consulting? 4 Concerns : Two main competitors. Uncontrolled price scheme. Some sort of partnership business…show more content…
4 1. Identify requirements 1.1 Create project Charter. 1.2 Meeting with sponsors 1.3 Present project charter 1.4 Approved project charter 2.Management plan 3.Research and Analysis Prepare a Project Scope Statement for the project. 4 Product Scope Description Bei Capelli is facing capacity constraints and looking to expand .To pursues greater services They need to introduce new technology and new facilities. Kristopher consulting has been asking to determine the method of success. Deliverables Acceptance Criteria Project Charter Must include budget, Schedule and scope Research and Analysis Must come out with efficient data Project plan Proper plan to manage Budget schedule and Scope Milestones Proper and efficient scheduling Future recommendation Must be helpful for future Project exclusions The consulting service will find solution for them but they don’t implement anything. Project Constraints Milestones Project Assumptions 1. Not get sufficient data in research. 2. Some internal performance can create problem. Identify the basic or underlying issue(s) 4 The company’s business model must be scalable. Need a business model that is
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