Being A Bad Kid Research Paper

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Being a very well known kid living in Round Rock Texas, life was pretty nice. I didn’t think I would move until i graduated high school. Both of my brothers had been through elementary, middle and high school so my family was pretty well known in the town. I loved all the attention being known by a lot of people and all the coaches. I had a feeling high school would be a breeze having so many friends and knowing all the people i needed to know.
Living in Texas for 10 years of my life made me feel like I was set. I had been through elementary being the “bad kid”. I didn’t really think much of that reputation but I had to live with it, at least i now knew that nobody would try to mess with me. I was set for the rest of my school years as a teen.
Until i woke up to the worst morning ever. I rolled out of my bed literally, and i fell on my side not intentionally. I
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Looking at the book in shock, I didn't want to believe it. Once my parents had calmed me down I looked at the book to see all of the fun festivities and things to do in this new town Keller. Normally i would take a move easily because my family moves a lot for my dad’s work but this one felt different.
We moved here for the final four weeks of summer to play football. It wasn't too bad but i wasn't really making friends like normal, and things were going a little slow. I did not like it and wanted to move again but I had to push through and face the music. I ended up having a great football camp and made a good amount of friends. I went through all of freshman year with a smile on my face meeting new friends, hanging out with new people and having a ton of fun.
Things changed a ton for me. I had to make a new friends, plus I was new to the town and everyone knew each other. I now can say I have a good amount of friends of all ages and I would like to say I am pretty well known in this town I now call
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