Being A Black Male And Society It 's Kind Of Hard For Me

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Devonta Hatten April 14, 2017 Writing Assignment 2 World Literature Being a black male in society it’s kind of hard for me not to recognize certain issues pertaining to race. Usually when it’s an issue pertaining race 9 times out of ten it’s a black individual, rare cases it’s another race, particularly Mexican Americans. I’m not just making accusations as African American we have to be aware of these bias or we will get taken advantage of. White non-Latino Police in America are taking advantage of their positions to undermined black individuals who may or may not know there rights. That’s a major reason why I can’t afford to recognize the issues. A potential bias that I have may be that police are not all bad. A police job is to protect…show more content…
As Humans, we carry unconscious and hidden biases from a lifetime of exposure to cultural attitudes about race, ethnicity, religion, social class, sexuality, and nationally. Being a Minority helps me become more equipped to intuitively understand or recognize issues associated with race. This is important because I know certain things to say and not to say. I am able to look at things from the inside out because race issues mostly deal with White non –Latino and blacks. Sometimes it’s hard for me to look at it from a White non- Latino perspective because they are blind to a situation that I am aware of. For example, If A White guy says something racist to an minority and acts as if he doesn’t know; It’s hard to understand how he did not know what he said was racist. Basically I’m bias to someone else being bias. To avoid blind spots I must take a step in someone else shoes to see their view point. This is a very difficult task to do for most but it’s the first step in minimizing effects of blind spots. If you can find out the reason why someone is doing something then maybe you can make the situation better. The next step in minimizing blind spots is to treat everyone as if we all had the same culture, because we are all Americans. Most people just forget that everyone is equal just not treated equal. To avoid bias it is important to remember that we are all humans with feelings, it is important that we share the American dream and to be whatever we want. To
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