Being A Citizen Of The World

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Never did I expect to end up being a college student and on my way to being a citizen of the world. I was born a United States Citizen but lived in Mexico when I was born. My parents had decided that I would take over the family business of selling hamburgers and tacos in the busy streets of Piedras Negras, Coahuila. It wasn’t until a few years ago that everything started getting extremely violent in Mexico and my family decided to move over to the United States.
I loved Mexico so much, but after suffering a kidnap attempt my parents decided that the best thing to do was to immigrate to America. Our life in Mexico was set and coming to the states was like starting all over again. Learning a new language, trying new foods, and adjusting to the American way of life was very difficult, but I fell in love with the country that witnessed my birth. During the migration from one country to the other, my family went from having everything to having nothing. I never thought that I would go very far in my academic achievements because I was always the kid who didn’t know English. I was that child who was once called a “Mojado” or “Wetback” only because I didn’t speak the language that everyone else did. Growing up in a neighborhood where drug smuggling was an everyday thing, I came to realize that the only way out of this cycle was through education. As a young boy, I decided that I was going to be bilingual and show everyone who made fun of me that I was capable of being educated in
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