Being A City Alderman, I Helped Developed Rules And Regulations For A Skateboarding Park

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Being a city alderman, I helped developed rules and regulations for a skateboarding park. I have always been a strong fan of skateboards and especially the X Games. The recent X Games in Shanghai was dominated by Americans. Andy McDonald scored an 87.67 to take home the gold. The American known as the "Mac-Attack" used a Kick Flip 540 in both the second and third rounds, to secure his medal. Culture The use of skateboards have become very popular among the younger generation. In some ways, it has become a rebel sport for the younger generation. It combines a bit of the punk culture with sport. Skateboards are used for sporting, transportation, as an art and even a job for those that are professionals. Long-boards are used by many…show more content…
It rose to popularity during the 1980 's with the arrival of Ray Barbee 's part in Powell 's "Public Domain." It is extremely versatile, acting as a transition back to the normal stance or even as a trick of it 's own. Because of its fairly straightforward execution and its purposefulness, every skateboarder should have this trick in his or her arsenal. Foot Positioning: Firstly, take a few good pushes to achieve a comfortable pace. One or two pushes should suffice. Next, ensure that you are in the proper foot positioning. It is fairly simple; keep your non-dominant firlmy over the center of the board with your heel hanging off, and your dominant foot square on the tail. This foot positioning allows you to remove your front foot quickly. Execution: Now that you are familiar with the proper foot positioning, it is time to execute the trick. Remove your dominant foot (front foot) from the board and take a big step backside, or towards your heel. Make sure that the step is big, as there must be adequate room for the board to rotate 180 degrees in between your legs. As you release your foot, the weight of your back foot should naturally cause the board to pop. Twist your shoulders 180 degrees so that your dominant foot becomes the front foot. The board should follow your front foot in its rotation. Allow the board to promply land in between your feet, and quickly replace your
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