Being A Community College Garden

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Seeds For Change
Looking around Columbia State Community College with the stunning zinnia gardens throughout the grounds, with ample land space and seeing recycling bins placed around the campus, and non smoking signs on the doors, CSCC is on the right path toward being a green campus; we can do more with a starting a community college garden. Imagine a community garden at CSCC where the students, faculty and the community show off with pride, not only because of its beauty, but because it enables a new set of learning experiences for students and our neighbors. CSCC should be willing to fight for a healthier campus. With CSCC deciding to make a conscious effort to encourage, a healthier way of eating by having a community college garden that will encourage students to make the right food choice.
CSCC community college garden will inspire students and the community to become involved; in turn, this will cause a ripple effect, and people will start taking care of their own properties. Community gardens have been around for years, and they benefit the people who work in them as much as the people they feed. Not only will the community garden draw people together, they also grow more than food – the involvement in social community usually leads to long term relationships.
The Agriculture Department at Columbia State Community College offers a diverse selection of majors, including landscaping, soil science, agricultural business, agricultural engineering, and…
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