Being A Competent Social Worker

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To be a competent social worker, one must acknowledge and understand that there are many different types and variations of families. There are many factors that go into making a family unique, setting them apart from other families. These factors are things such as culture, ethnicity, family beliefs and faith. For this assignment, I chose to interview a family friend, Robert, and his two eldest children, Rebecca and Matthew. In order to uphold confidentiality, the names of the interviewees, along with the rest of the family members, have been changed.
Family Description Robert is a fifty three year old man who works as a pipefitter. He is currently laid off from work and he is making his money by fixing and remodeling houses. He has been divorced from his ex wife, Cindy for the last seven years. Together, Robert and Cindy have four children: Rebecca who is twenty three, Matthew who is twenty two, Christina who is seventeen and Megan who is nine. We spoke of their family roles and they were quick to explain them to me. Robert, as the father, is the provider, as well as the caregiver of the family. He has always worked to make a living and to support the kids. Whenever anything in either household is broken, whether it is the refrigerator or one of Megan’s toys, he is the one who fixes it. Rebecca, the eldest sibling, is the one who makes sure the house stays clean. Robert is quick to say that she is very selfless and giving and always wanting to help care for her younger…
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