Being A Computer Software Engineer Is Best Suitable For Me And My Lifestyle

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Introduction I have always been in love with technology and it’s concepts. Over the years, I have watched computer videos, phone reviews, etc, and I can get lost on Youtube doing that for hours. Just recently I built myself a new computer from scratch, by ordering all the parts separately, then one day, I put it all together. Ever since that day, I feel so accomplished that I was able to do something like that, and I get compliments from many people all the time. That led to me looking into my future career, and I found being a Computer Software Engineer is best suitable for me and my lifestyle. It will allow me to do what I love everyday, and make a comfortable living doing so. Upon looking into colleges, I chose Ball State as they have been emailing me for awhile now, and doing my research, I found that Ball State offers a major in Computer Science, which has all the necessary skills to be successful in my career of choice. I believe that by taking Computer Science at Ball State will prepare me for the future workforce, and live a comfortable life doing it. Education Requirements It is expected that “most software developers have a bachelor 's degree in computer science” (“Education”) of some kind, because it covers a wide variety of topics. Sometimes employers “accept a degree in mathematics” (“Education”) if you have one already. Employers look for people that have “a strong set of skills in computer programing” (“Education”). At Ball State University, students need

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