Being A Double Economics And Mathematics Major Student

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Being a double economics and mathematics major student at Union College shaped me to be an economic PhD candidate with strong academic backgrounds and various research experiences. I believe the economics PhD program at X not only trains my skills, but also helps me to explore the field I am interested in and motives me to approach it from different aspect. I am looking forward to extend and develop academic interests in global economic issues-the area of specialty in which I have concentrated my course work and research at Union. After taking Seminar in the Global Economic Issues and doing research about how globalization affected China’s regional income inequality, I realized the international economy was the economic field that I was really interested in and wanted to pursue further study in graduate school. The experience of growing up in China to really observe and feel how it entered the world market and developed its economy made me realize the importance of globalization for developing countries. Also, the experience of volunteering in Nepal made me thinking of the possibility to duplicate the success of China’s transformation to other developing countries through globalization. Therefore, I applied Seward Fellow at Union to create an independent theme minor to analyze China’s trade. Based on the fact that I applied one-year earlier graduation, I compressed my two-term Seward honor project into six weeks to investigate the behaviors of yuan-USD exchange rate in
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