Being A Family Physician And It

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I learned that there is not only one standard way to do things in the medical field. This matters to me due to the “mistreatment” I have received in hospitals. It also matters to me because I plan to become a family physician and it is essential that I know the proper way to treat my patients at the right time. Before I started the class, I used to lean more towards the reductionism approach. I was the type that wanted to be treated as quickly as I could. Whenever I go to the doctor, I expect them to know how treat me as fast as they should when they find the symptoms. Also, I used think there was some type of guidebook that doctors look at to determine how to treat the patients, and I used to believe that whatever could be in the book was the “only” and “right” way to do things. Little did I know, there are various ways to approach a problem and give it a proper solution. The pre-class reading that had to done was at first confusing to me before we discussed it class. I had many questions in mind. I was trying to figure out why doctors only used one approach when there were several others that could be much more beneficial. The article that stood out to me the most was Medical reductionism: lessons from the great philosophers by Mark J. Beresford. The article stated how reductionism was used to simplify things. The article also states the way reductionism is used in cancer. I was thinking to myself why the holistic approach could not be used. I felt like there are some
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