Being A General Education Teacher

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Being a general education teacher enables me to see how important is special education in today’s society. Our classrooms are filled with different children, and when one or two of them are different or cannot fit in do to a disability, other children tend to judge and focus on their deficiency. Sometimes, as educators we cannot find the best way to deal with these issues. This is where IDEA comes in play to ensure that the education of children with disability it’s made effective. My goal as a teacher is to reach and help every child in my classroom to succeed and achieve their potential.
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a federal law that was passed to help and support eligible students with disabilities. Schools who receive federal funds are required to evaluate students suspected of having a disability and serve the educational needs of such students. IDEA or Individuals with Disabilities Education Act is the current name that was passed in 2004, however, this law was based in a law that was created in 1975 named The Education for All Handicapped Children Act. The name was changed but the essential purpose has not change, it’s primary goals are; to protect the rights of children with disabilities, and to give parents a voice in their child’s education. This law protects individuals from birth to age 21. One of the many specific requirements of the law is that students with disability be educated in a Least Restrictive Environment (LEP)…
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