Being A Great And Remembered Leader

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Being a great and remembered leader must take more than just courage and determination or everyone would be a leader. If being a leader requires be courageous most people wouldn’t be leaders. There have been many leaders throughout history that were cowards and all they did was command their armies from a safe area inside their territory. The current problem is that today’s leaders are selfish and care more about themselves rather than their people. And if they are leading by example we would all be terrible human beings doing nothing for others and being selfish. Today’s leaders constantly are belittling each other’s wits and abilities, telling their voters that the leader is better than they actually are. Most of today’s leaders are corrupt and do not care for their subjects they care more about their own personal gain. For example, the presidential election of the United States isn’t really about making yourself look good, it is more about making your opponents look worse. And if the United States is leading by example then we are telling the world to belittle their opponents instead of showing they are good people through their actions. To become a leader that is remembered forever requires proving yourself and your qualities. Hitler was a great leader although he did some terrible things. He gave great speeches and inspired the people of germany to follow him and his ideals. He had an entire political party following him when he just got out of jail. He also wrote a
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