Being A Hero Means To Be A Leader. To Be A Leader You Have

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Being a hero means to be a leader. To be a leader you have to have strength, courage, and commitment. In the 1960s there were many leaders fighting for what they believe is right of freedom and equality of all people. Major leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X they were involved with the Civil Rights Movement during the 60s. They were willing to fight until the end to make a change in society. Both men wanted to give the rights to all black people in America of living as an equal human being. But they both had their own ways of trying to make history and trying to make a difference for black people. Martin Luther believed in fighting verbally to fight with wisdom and knowledge, but Malcolm wanted to fight with action to…show more content…
speech was the most important speech during the Civil Rights movement because, he was pointed out all the wrong white people have done, he stated out to right were internal and shaming American sins that stretched back to the days of slavery. He expresses nothing has truly changed since slavery, and he wasn’t going to let hatred and racism go on any longer. King wanted to change the history of African-Americans of being more worthy than just as slaves. During the 19th century black people were continuously living in the shadow, being disrespected, and mistreated because of the color of their skin. They couldn’t live in peace. White people didn’t give them the full opportunity of education. Martin Luther couldn’t let that continue, he wanted to show the wrong white people have done to harmless African-American people. King believed everyone should have a chance to get a good education no matter what color skin. Everyone has the ability to learn and study the same levels of education as long as they work hard for it, no one should stop anyone from achieving a successful life. In document D it states, “We are on the move now...let us match on segregated schools until every vestige of segregation.” (Martin Luther, Capitol steps) Martin Luther wanted to make an improvement in society bringing all the people together. To show that everyone is equal and everyone is an equal human being. Education to Martin Luther King Jr. was enable a man to become more

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