Being A Human Being And A Future Veterinarian

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As many fellow students in the process of obtaining a doctorate degree in veterinary medicine, there was a point in history where we all could not see ourselves doing anything else except becoming a veterinarian. I knew this career was my destination at a young age and throughout my educational growth, I always tried to better myself in the field. Not having an upper edge by knowing any veterinarians, I had to create my own connections and my own experiences in order to expand my knowledge. I currently have been accepted to Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in St. Kitts and Nevis. I believed by coming to this school it will help me grow as a human being and a future veterinarian. I will be placed on an island not knowing much about it and begin my learning process so in four years I can accomplish my ultimate goal. However by allowing myself to experience such differences in culture and lifestyle than I ever known, I am paying the price for it. To keep myself healthy and secure a six-figure total loan has been taken out. Knowing I would need to take out a loan similar to this amount for the rest of my educational career each year has left me realizing that I want to experience the island for a semester or two, but the best option for me in long term is to transfer back to the states. Money has been tight for myself because I only have myself and my mother to depend on. A little over a year my father who was my role modeled; who pushed me to beat against the odds
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