Being A Kid With Autism Essay

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Autism has its ups and downs, but some of its downs can be deadly. If you are young and born with high levels of autism, it can badly affect the way you learn and your physical health.
Autism causes issues with social skills, it can make it hard for kids and/or adults to make friends or act normally in social situations, and fit in the way they want to. It is a disease that can make it hard for autistic kids to live there lives the way others do.
Autism is a brain disorder that affects people’s communication, it is a very complex disorder that makes it hard for people to experience the world the way people without it do, (Foolyliving). It is usually found by the parents by the child's age of three, (Symptoms). Early signs to look for in a kid with autism are, no smiles or affection shown to close friends or relatives, not speaking clearly and repeating words or sentences they have
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Who's richer? Who's prettier? Who's smarter? Autistics don't care about people's money, or physical appearance, they see through their surface and focused on their personality. They are interesting, and loyal to family , and friends. Autistic people don't care about diversity, in fact they embrace differences through everyone, and they tend to be highly educated, and gifted. Lastly just at a few of the really successful people that were diagnosed, Mozart and his beautiful, inspiring paintings. Sir Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein who defied the the laws of science,
Autism has its pros and cons, but each person with Autism is unique, and not all like the same things or respond to the same therapy, (Dr.Cathy Pratt 1). They are smart funny kind and loyal to everyone. They love you for who you are not what you look like or have. Best of all their creativity could change the future for most certainly the
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