Being A Leader Takes Great Ability. Over Many Years’ People

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Being a leader takes great ability. Over many years’ people have written many books and taught many ways for people to become an effective leader. One of the main things that people fail to understand that the major part of being a leader is just being yourself. You can be taught by someone techniques and ways to problem solve and how to think strategically but leadership is more than that. Being yourself flaws and all helps make you human and shows your ability that you are not perfect and makes mistakes just like everyone else. These techniques will make you gain those necessary followers who do not look for someone that is perfect but look for someone that is inspiring. Many times the necessary skills individuals need to become a leader…show more content…
Being Yourself Many people get into business and feel that need to separate their lives or compartmentalize their life from who they are at work against who they are when you are not working. One of the biggest pieces of advice leaders and aspiring leaders should take is being themselves. Having confidence that you are good enough just being yourself will help make you a leader and someone that people would want to follow because they see you as being human and like themselves. This concept is hard to follow by many executives because most of the knowledge and training out their point them to certain traits and skills needed to have to be an effective leader. According to the authors Robert Goffee and Gareth Jones in “one year there where more than 2,000 books published on leadership, some even reprints of Moses and Shakespeare repackaged as leadership gurus” (Goffee, R., & Jones, G, 2000). With such vast amount of information available it is surprising that many of these do not give the basic advice to just be yourself. Weakness and Leadership One of the main techniques of being yourself is showing your weakness. No matter who you are from a crossing guard to a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, everyone has a weakness. If someone is considered to be perfect people might assume them to not need followers. It will illustrate to people that they could handle everything for themselves (Goffee, R.,

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