Being A Leading European Mathematical Scholar Essay

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Imagine yourself being a leading European mathematical scholar. The year is 1942. For almost a decade you have experienced increasing legislation aimed at limiting your rights as a citizen due to your ethnic and religious origins. In a society that places value on the merit of its scholars and workers, you should, for all intents and purposes, be heralded as a champion of said society. Before retiring, you had brought momentous scholarship to the field of mathematics. Teaching alongside the revered Albert Einstein, you had aided Einstein in his understanding and scholarship surrounding the field or relativity. However, because you are Jewish, and the Third Reich has annexed your home nation of Austria implementing policies that stripped your rights, you were forced to flee to Czechoslovakia. Moving between ghettos, the Nazis eventually tracked you down and two weeks ago there was a knock at your door. Everyday for the past few years you have feared something so simple as another person banging on your door, unsure if it is a neighbor or the authorities. That day two weeks ago, the person at the door was not a neighbor asking to borrow sugar, it was a squad of Gestapo officers. Over the past two weeks you have endured conditions unfit for animals. You were placed on a cattle train and transported to Theresienstadt concentration camp where you were beaten and belittled. You have experienced mankind’s full capacity for hatred. Your name is Dr. Georg Alexander Pick. Today, July
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