Being A Lifeguard For A Local Public Pool

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Over the summer, I worked as a lifeguard for a local public pool. Everyday, I saw a lot questionable activity going on that I had to correct: basic rules like running, fighting, horse-playing. However, a situation occurred that I never would have expected;: I was asked to confront a breastfeeding mother about the appropriateness of tending to her child’s needs in public. While lifeguarding on a hot summer day in July, a middle-aged gentleman approached me to inform me about some woman “inappropriately breastfeeding” her kid in public, and how “awkward” it made him feel. He didn’t believe it was right for him to address her about it because he was a man, so he requested that I approach the nursing mother instead. I challenged him and asked, “Where else is she supposed to nurse her kid?” and he replied, “I don’t know, maybe in the bathroom or something. I don’t want my kids exposed to that in public, you know, that’s all I’m saying,” and walked away. The act of breastfeeding has never made me feel uncomfortable; I have always viewed it as a natural activity necessary for a child’s health. After the incident at the pool happened almost a year and a half ago, the question always lingered in my mind about why it’s so upsetting that mother’s nurse their infants in public. Before I researched this particular topic, I didn’t really do any follow up investigation until now. Why do people find offense in a mother nursing her child in public? And wWhy is breastfeeding seen as…
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